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Finding Pets For Your Kids

About a year ago, I realized that my kids had never looked after pets. I wanted them to be able to really enjoy their life to the fullest, so I started looking for more opportunities for them to reach out to animals. It was amazing to see how much of a difference a pet or two made in their lives, and pretty soon, they seemed happier and more interested in the world around them. This blog is all about finding great pets for your kids and making sure that they stay healthy and happy. Check out this blog for more information.

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Four Things To Know About Life With A Pet Lizard

Thinking about getting a pet lizard? They make great, unique pets, but they often require more care than you may have been expecting. This is commonly why pet lizards are returned from where they were purchased or die sooner than you anticipated. This is why it's important to know what you are getting into. Here are four things to know about life with a pet lizard:

  1. Pick the Right Lizard: First off, you should know that all species of lizards are different from one another, which requires a different level of care. This is why it's important to choose a lizard breed that is right for you. Be sure to do your research and buy lizard care booklets for the specific lizard you decide on. Be sure that you are able to provide all of their environmental needs. 
  2. Size Cannot be Predetermined: Keep in mind that lizards pretty much never stop growing. However, there comes a point when they will reach their adult size, but it's going to vary even within the same breed. This is just based on individual genetics. This is why it's important to consider whether or not you have room for a lizard. If not, you want to choose a species that are known to stay relatively small, such as a gecko. 
  3. Set Up the Lighting Correctly: Since lizards are cold-blooded, it's important that you set up the lighting correctly. This is going to help your lizard stay warm. You also need to keep in mind, that when it comes to warmth all lizards are different, once again. Some lizards even require that you have lighting that reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more. The only type of lizards that won't require this are nocturnal lizards, such as the gecko. 
  4. Feed them Correctly: Finally, you want to be sure that you can also feed your lizard correctly. There are some that are carnivores, which people can mostly handle when it comes to feeding them bugs. However, some will eat rodents, which some people find difficult. You will have to buy rodents to feed your lizard. If you aren't comfortable doing this, then you definitely want to consider a breed that doesn't require this. 

When you know these four things about life with a pet lizard, you can be sure that you choose a pet lizard that you can actually take care of instead of one that will end up dying too soon or that you find you have to return.

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