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Finding Pets For Your Kids

About a year ago, I realized that my kids had never looked after pets. I wanted them to be able to really enjoy their life to the fullest, so I started looking for more opportunities for them to reach out to animals. It was amazing to see how much of a difference a pet or two made in their lives, and pretty soon, they seemed happier and more interested in the world around them. This blog is all about finding great pets for your kids and making sure that they stay healthy and happy. Check out this blog for more information.

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Is Your Cat Lonely?

Cats are often considered to be self-reliant creatures that prefer solitude to the company of others. However, if you have a pet cat, your cat could actually be experiencing loneliness or depression while you're away from home. Whether you have a busy work schedule or you regularly go on trips over the weekend, your kitty could be suffering in your absence. Read on to learn more about how cats can become lonely and what you can do to help support your kitty.

Cats and Loneliness

If you have a pet cat and care about it, then that cat has already bonded with you. Even if the kitty is content to just acknowledge your presence and then leave you alone, the fact that you're in the home is a comfort to the cat.

This is especially true if you're living in a single-cat household. Without a partner to play and snuggle with, your kitty is bound to be lonely if you're away from home too often.

Lonely cats may act out - as in, making messes, urinating inappropriately, or tearing up your furniture. In addition, your kitty may lose interest in eating and play, even when you are home.

Socializing and Certain Breeds

Certain breeds of cat are more social than others, which can compound the problem of loneliness in cats. Some of the most social and affectionate breeds include Ragdolls, Siamese, and Scottish Folds. If your cat is one of these breeds or shares heritage with them, the loneliness will probably be harder for them than the average cat.

The Way To Solve this Problem

If you suspect that your cat is feeling lonely or just don't want them to become that way, you should consider boarding your cat for long absences. In this day and age, most cat boarders also act as daycare services where you can leave your cat in their care while you're at work, and pick them up on the way home. In addition, if you leave for a weekend, you can feel safe knowing that your kitty is not only being socialized with, but that it isn't in any danger from being left home alone.

The average cat may not be as dependent upon their owner as a dog, but that doesn't mean that they don't miss you when you're not around. If you're worried about the mental and social well-being of your cat, consider cat boarding, such as at Cat Care Clinic.